IHK Oktoberhackfest Hackathon

IHK-Akademie, München
From Sep 25th 2015
To Sep 27th 2015
See the website


What is it about?

TLDR; Beer & Code. 

Oktoberhackfest is the European Hackathon Championship. Since the beginning of the year developers have been building and battling in the hackathons from London to Tallinn and Stockholm to Istanbul. And now everyone is coming together in an epic finale in Munich during the Oktoberfest – the most popular event in the world. More than 200 hand-picked programmers with backgrounds in mobile, web, server, and hardware development will unleash their skills to create the future of tomorrow – in 30 hours.



As you probably figured out, this is a hackathon without a theme – apart from Beer & Code ^^. We thought to ourselves, what is better: 1 topic or 7 topics? So we are pleased to announce that IHK Oktoberhackfest will have several tracks: open source, health & fitness, IoT, VR/AR, entertainment (a special cooperation tba), transportation, and fin-tech. It'll be like hackathons-in-a-hackathon. 


What are the prizes?

All three hackathon winners will be invited to join their tech idols from Bits & Pretzels' Founders Festival at a VIP Team Table at the Oktoberfest on Tuesday, September 29.


HACKEVENTS KING OF BAVARIA (CHOSEN OF 3 TRACK WINNERS)   – Flight to Silicon Valley (4 people) with Hackevents to visit the most innovative companies.


WINNER MOBILE SHOPPING  – 4 Seats in the Allianz Arena Lounge at a FC Bayern Munich Bundesliga Match sponsored by Payback + VIP Table at Oktoberfest 29.09.2015


WINNER FINTECH  – 1000 EUR Amazon Voucher for the team + VIP Table at Oktoberfest 29.09.2015


WINNER TECHNOLOGY  – 4x Parrot Drone + VIP Table at Oktoberfest 29.09.2015


API prizes – TBA API


Special prizes:


– Tickets to the Bits & Pretzels' Founders Festival in Munich sponsored by Hackevents and Bits & Pretzels.




When is the hackathon taking place?

We start on Saturday, September 26, at 10 am. The exact schedule will be published soon. There's a special event already on Friday: registered participants are invited to join the get-together on Friday evening (6 pm) - you will get free drinks and will be able to socialize with other participants and find a team in case you haven't done so (which we strongly recommend) in advance.

Who can apply?

Developers, engineers, and designers are more than welcome! You can come in teams or as an individual.

Do I need a team?

We recommend that you find your team in advance, however this is not a must. We will help you match with other people at the hackathon or at the socializing event on Friday evening. Please note: There is a limit of max. 5 members per team and we recommend that each team has at least 3 persons (e.g. front-end developer, back-end developer, designer).

Where do I register my team?

We will announce the requirements for your team registration and project submission soon. One thing we require, all teams and participants must create a Github/Bitbucket repository of all the code they've written. We do not own your code. Everything you write/create yourself is your property.

Where do I learn more?

You can follow us on Twitter or check out the event at www.oktoberhackfest.com.



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