Incubate Galveston + The Ion Hackathon 2022

Organized by The Ion
The Marmo Plaza, Galveston, Galveston
From Oct 14th 2022
To Oct 16th 2022
Prizes TBA
Creating innovative social design solutions for Galveston/Houston
See the website


Calling techies, entrepreneurs, students, and community members in the Houston/Galveston corridor! You're invited to participate in the Incubate Galveston + the Ion Hackathon 2022. During this 48-hour solution race, you'll get to collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team to create an innovative solution to pressing challenges facing the Galveston/Houston Innovation Corridor:

  • Increase food access in urban core neighborhoods,
  • Create opportunities for green initiatives, including environmental education, coastal resilience, and conservation,
  • Propose home refurbishment programs and housing, and
  • Develop capacity for education and workforce skills development.

For useful info on hackathons, check the tips page!

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