init() by SLO Hacks

Organized by SLO Hacks
Baker Science, San Luis Obispo
Nov 10th 2018
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init() by SLO Hacks is a 12 hour introductory hackathon. Whether you've never written a line of code before or you're a veteran hacker, this is for you!

Over the course of the event, you'll learn why hackathons are gaining traction with people of all majors, build something awesome, and come out with a new skill or two (did we mention that you'll get free catered meals, snacks, and drinks all day?). 

Don't know what a hackathon is? It's a 12-36 hour event where you can build anything you want - mobile games, website designs, fintech startups - you name it.

Hackathons aren't just for advanced coders. Everyone has the opportunity to learn and build their craziest ideas. We at SLO Hacks are hosting a 12-hour, 100-student event to prepare you for our 36-hour, 500-student February event, in addition to all the other hackathons in the world! 

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We're reachable through email at, or Messenger at 

We're excited to have a blast with you!


Schedule of events:

7:30am - Check in

8:00am - Opening Ceremony

8:30am - Hacking Starts, Team Mixer

9:00am - What’s a hackathon?: Selynna Sun, SLO Hacks

9:30am - Designing in Hackathons: Jared Hirata and Matt Bowers, Workday

10:30am - Intro to Web Development: Selynna Sun and Mian Uddin, SLO Hacks

10:30am - Intro to App Development: Professor Randy Scovil, Cal Poly

11:30am - Lunch (Woodstock's)

11:30am - Coffee Chats, Workday

1:00pm - Intro to Game Development: Mitch Miller and Joe DeLuca, CPGD

2:00pm - Resume Review, Workday

2:00pm - Intro to User Experience: Jim Heald, CPUX

4:00pm - Surprise event!

5:30pm - Dinner (Old SLO BBQ)

7:00pm - Devpost submissions due

7:30pm - Hacking ends

8:00pm - Project demos

9:30pm - Closing ceremony


Some notes:

You must be a Cal Poly student to attend init() - we will require you to show your Polycard upon entrance. 

Maximum team size of 4-6, and we encourage a mix of skillsets!

This event is sponsored by Workday. They will be bringing recruiters, engineers, and designers!

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