InQbet Hackathon - Robotics and AI

Procter & Gamble Brussels, Temselaan 100, Grimbergen
From Oct 27th 2017
To Nov 27th 2017
15,000 euros prize money
Reduce the gap between current state-of-the-art technologies (of Robotics and AI) and the specific needs in companies
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Robotics techie enthusiasts in Belgium, the United States, and Singapore! You're invited to participate in the InQbet Robotics and AI Hackathon. In this 4-week hackathon, you'll be challenged to design and build a viable prototype in one of the following areas: Bots for consumers, Bots in laboratories, Bots in production processes and Bots in logistics. You can register as a team or join a team at the kickoff. This is an international event -- you can participate at home, or in one of three locations in Brussels, Singapore, or Newark, NJ.


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