Goldsmiths University, London
Dec 15th 2018
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Welcome to the Institute of Hackorcism

This Hackathon explores the opportunity for raising awareness in data ethics inspired by moments that arise when data and individuals meet in an unexpected, ‘uncanny‘ way.

This means, for example, when conversations from the car reappear as advertising on Facebook. Or, if Google Mail suggests accurate automated answers and you know this means the system can read and understand the content. Isn‘t it scary when Alexa starts laughing at night without a command? This isn't magic. It is the current best-case of an incomplete system. Invisible and hidden in the shadow of our daily online addiction, its knowledge growing and thriving irresistibly faster ...For one day, we are developing new ‘uncanny‘ horror scenarios of Human-AI interaction. Whether with pen and paper or sensors and semi-conductors. You don't have to be an AI expert. Come over, be part of the Institute of Hackorcism and let your creativity run wild into the dark side...

· Call for Coder, Designer, Researcher· Please bring your laptop· Uncanny starter kit (Arduino)· Nice food & drinks

Task:Build a project which uses your technical and creative skills to make something scary and the invisible visible

11:00 am — Open Doors11:30 am — Introduction12:00 pm to 04:30 pm — Hackorcism05:00 pm — Show & Tell06:00 pm — End (Pub)We expect around 15 participants.Please note: At the same time, the MA Design Expanded Practice is hosting its Degree Show at St. James's Church. The Hackathon is spatially separated, though participants are welcome to visit the exhibition.If you have questions, don‘t hesitate to contact:

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