Intel & The Floor Blockchain Hackathon

The Floor, Tel Aviv Stock Exchanged, Tel Aviv-Yafo
From Mar 29th 2017
To Mar 30th 2017
5 bitcoins
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Fintech developers, designers, product managers, marketing/busdev types! Intel, The Floor & the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange invite you to sign up to participate in the Intel & The Floor Blockchain Hackathon. You'll be expected to create a blockchain solution for one of the challenges presented by participating banks. You can come as a team or join a team at the event. Your solution must be developed using one of the common blockchain platforms, such as ethereum, R3 Corda, Hyperledger Sawtooth lake, Hyperledger Fabric, Bitcoin or others. Showcase your blockchain skills to some of the world's leading banks, while competing for prizes and startup workspace.

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