Intelligent Protests: Embodying X Realities Anti-Hackathon

ArtCenter / MDP, Pasadena
From Aug 19th 2017
To Aug 20th 2017
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Join us Saturday and Sunday, August 19-20 (10am-6pm) at ArtCenter/MDP to participate in: Artificial Protests: Embodying X Realities Anti-Hackathon. During these two days we will use creative tools to digitally record, interpret and transmit our facial expressions using the Wekinator AI tool as a form of protest and civic engagement. All are welcome and tech experience is not necessary. 

What will we be doing?

Groups will create protest pieces in the Unity game engine.  We will use Wekinator to collaborate across environments and engage in "extreme reality" design, combining protest methods with behaviors from the animal kingdom and natural environment. 

Who is it for?

All are welcome to join us and tech experience is not necessary. Each group will bring their own unique expertise to the event (developers, non-developers, researchers, mothers, creators - all types of knowledge are equally valued and welcomed). 

What is an "Anti-Hackathon"? 

An Anti-Hackathon focuses on process, encourages collaboration, and builds from existing work in a non-competitive and inclusive manner. We value from experts and non-experts alike, both within and outside of the usual tech space. There are no winners and the works may continue beyond the event. 

Photo credit: Amanda Jensen & Christine Meinders, with Olive Kimoto, Lee Tusman, Camila Sobral, Jake Klorman, Jen Diamond

Poster Design: Olive Midori Kimoto

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