Inventathon@HCC - Fall 2019 - Students Hackathon

HCC Stafford Campus - Scarcella Building, Stafford
Nov 16th 2019
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Inventathon@HCC Student Hackathon

The INVENTATHON@HCC is essentially a hackathon, with a twist! 

A two-day weekend gathering of high school, community college, four-year and graduate student teams organized to address global challenges locally!

So at the INVENTATHON@HCC, you can do anything from coding an app, building a robot, or making something uniquely creative based on a given theme of Climate Change for Fall 2019!

Teams can consist of 2-5 members and you will have approximately 16 hours to create something amazing! and Yes, you can do it by yourself, but it won’t be the same!

Hackathons, like the INVENTATHON@HCC, are a can’t miss experience! You can learn something new, make something that the world has never seen before, and win some amazing cash prizes!

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