16800 Imperial Valley Dr, Houston
From Jan 19th 2019
To Jan 21st 2019
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We desire to bring Houston engineers inventors and technologists together to build prototypes, come up with new ideas and develop proof of concepts for new technology to aid she’s stormy and before during and after disaster natural disaster situations.

Here at Innovation the Depot & Fruition we believe that Houston holds some of the brightest technologists and inventors.  

In this 3 day session ( 5-6hrs a day ) we will provide mentorship, guidance as well as some of the tools and resources needed to begin the early stages of development to help and solve some of Houston’s biggest problems in the area of natural disasters!

We will be picking 10-15 teams to work with. Orientation on the 3rd and Closing on the 5th is mandatory.




19th Jan -Day 1

11:00 - 6:00pm ->

Introduction of Fruition and Innovation depot and what opportunities it gives to engineers and inventors (15 mins)

Giving a brief explanation on the idea behind the hackathon (Hurricane Harvey and the problems Houstonians faced) (15 mins)

Explanation about the programme and the 3-day event (45 mins-1 hr)

Discussion on the suggested project ideas and new ideas. Finalising the number of ideas based on the number of participants.

Introduction of the participants and grouping them according to their interest in the respective projects.

Brainstorming with the group for coming up with potential proof of concepts implementation for the respective ideas.

Discussing with the experts and deciding on a final proof of concept implementation with consensus among the group members.


20th Jan -Day 2 ->

2:00 pm - > Deciding on the components required to be built for the proof of concept implementation.  Working on the proof of concept implementation


21st Jan- Final Day->

10:00-2:00 pm-Finishing up with the proof of concept implementation.

             Presentation to the experts and Q&A session.

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