Investor & Founder Panel - Sharing Economy: A Testbed for Blockchain, IoT and Decentralized Governance

Organized by NewDo Venture
Hyatt Regency San Francisco, San Francisco
Dec 10th 2018
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The cryptocurrency market cap has shrunk since the beginning of 2018, but the underlying blockchain technology is at its early stage of development. What does the future of blockchain hold? What does it mean to investors and founders? As a part of the World Digital Assets Conference, the event invites investors and founders to share their perspectives and discuss use cases of blockchain, IoT and decentralized governance at the current market condition and in the future directions.   


1:00-1:05 pm Opening1:05-1:25 pm Investor Panel1:25-1:35 pm Q&A1:35-1:55 pm Speaker Series 1:55-2:05 pm Q&A2:05-2:15 pm Raffle2:15-2:35 pm Founder Panel2:35-2:45 pm Q&A2:45-3:00 pm Raffle & Networking

About Organizers:

IoT Block: IoTBlock was founded with a vision to make IoT data exchange open, free, and secure without having to trust the devices and manufacturers themselves. To accomplish this, we are building a decentralized protocol that has three core building blocks: 1) Secure Authentication: Authenticate IoT devices anonymously to prove they are not cloned, counterfeit, or stolen before they can transmit or receive information. 2) Open Auditability: Authenticate IoT devices anonymously to prove they are not cloned, counterfeit, or stolen before they can transmit or receive information. 3) Cross-Chain Communication: Enable IoT devices to securely interact with the full-state of any blockchain or smart contract. IoTBlock will empower business owners, especially lenders in the sharing economy, by enabling the development of affordable and user-friendly solutions to manage shared assets using IoT devices and expedite insurance claims and dispute resolution, and much more.

NewDo: NewDo Venture was founded in Silicon Valley in 2015. The found has been contributed by over 80 prestigious entrepreneurs and investors. To date, NewDo has invested over 80 companies. NewDo Venture’s advisory board consists over 100 top entrepreneurs, scientists, and consultants supporting successful development and scale of our portfolio companies. In early 2018, NewDo Venture built NewDo Blockchain Lab incubating blockchain projects and conducting blockchain research. Our team of experts published the world’s first CC 100 Index of Cryptocurrency and posted open data source. The 11,000-square-feet office space hosts on-going networking events, galas, hackathons, and other professional gatherings to foster blockchain innovation and community growth. NewDo's early blockchain investments to date include:Celer, Certik, Taxa, Oben, Origin Protocol, Quark, IoTeX, Ankr, Coinpark, Coinsuper, Usechain etc.

About the World Digital Assets Summit:

Block72 and FBG Capital have announced dates for World Digital Asset Summit 2[“WDAS2”], an annual summit designed to showcase the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking trends, technology and projects within the blockchain space.

The three-day event will be held at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco from December 9th to December 11th. It aims to explore the potential of the blockchain industry by bringing together investors, thought leaders, educators, legislators, and enthusiasts, as well as combine innovation with real-life applications.

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