IoT & AI Hackathon Presented by MATRIX Labs and Visa

Organized by MATRIX Labs
Rokk3r Labs HQ, Miami
From Oct 21st 2017
To Oct 22nd 2017
See the website


The challenge of the IoT and AI Hackathon is to re-imagine the retail and consumer payments expereince by building on MATRIX Creators and integrating Visa APIs.

Each group will receive a kit with two (2) of the following items:

MATRIX Creator

Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi Camera V2

32GB Micro SD Card

5V 2.5A Power Supply

Staff from Visa and MATRIX Labs will be present throughout the day for answering questions. They will also lead morning and afternoon training sessions on how to work with the Visa API and the MATRIX Creator.


Saturday, October 21st

08:00AM :: Registration Opens and Breakfast08:30AM - 09:00AM :: Visa API Presentation09:00AM - 09:30AM :: MATRIX Creator Presentation09:00AM - 10:00AM :: Welcome Message10:00AM :: Hackathon Kickoff12:00PM :: Lunch01:00PM - 01:30PM :: Visa API Presentation01:30 - 02:00PM :: MATRIX Creator Presentation06:00PM :: Dinner

Sunday, October 22nd

12:00AM :: Midnight Snack08:00AM :: Breakfast10:00AM :: Hackathon Ends10:15AM :: Round 1 of Judging12:00PM :: Round 2 of Judging12:45PM :: Final Judging and Prize Ceremony


Round One:

Judges will walk around the room and do a one on one judging of each groups project. The judging sheet will be released closer to the date of the hackathon. The six (6) highest rated groups will move on to round two.

Round Two:

Judges will perform a code inspection prior to the final judging which will count towards the groups score. At the final judging the groups will present their projects in front of the panel of judges and all the attendees of the hackathon. The judges will then deliberate and announce the winners.


1st Place: $5,000

2nd Place: $3,000

3rd Place: $2,000

*Prizes will be awarded to the group to be split between its individual members as the group sees fit.

Registration Information

As a participant, you can register for the IoT and AI Hackathon as an individual, group, or company group!


Don’t have a group or company group? No problem! You can signup as an individual and make your own group with other individuals or join a group or company group that has space. If you can not find a group we will be making a Slack team for the Hackathon where you will be able to discuss and team up with people who are also not in a group.

Although prompted, you do not need to use your company information to register as an individual.


To create a group you need a minimum of two (2) members and no more than five (5) members can form a group for the hackathon. You can join a group by

Registering using the "Group" ticket, creating a new group, creating a new password, and inviting up to four (4) additional members to the group

Joining a group via an invitation from a member

Joining a group by searching for a group name

Company Groups

To create a company group you need a minimum of two (2) employees and no more than five (5) employees of a single company can form a group for the hackathon. You can join a company group by

Registering using the "Company" ticket, creating a new group, creating a new password, and inviting up to four (4) additional coworkers to the group

Joining a group via an invitation from a coworker

Joining a group by searching for a company group name

All company group members must use their company emails in order to register for a company group.

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