IoT & Connected Machines Hackathon

Organized by Reply
Via Robert Koch, 1, Milano
From Dec 1st 2018
To Dec 2nd 2018
See the website


Can you prototype an industrial cloud-based system in 24 hours, analyzing data from various machines? Show us and come in our Reply office. We'll provide food+drinks, fun activity and... tents! Cluster Reply mentors will be there to support you during the whole time.You'll also get basic hardware (sensors and micro controllers) and licences to use Cloud Microsoft IoT Azure suite.

It's a student-only event. We'll be selecting the best profiles, you can join solo or as a group of 4.

What do you need to bring? Your laptop and sleeping bag.

What's in it for you? Dr. Dre Deluxe edition for the whole winning team!

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