IRAS Hackathon 2016

Organized by UP Singapore
VISA Auditorium, Singapore Post Centre, Singapore
From Sep 2nd 2016
To Sep 4th 2016
See the website


Singapore hackers! Come help realize Singapore's Smart Nation strategy! As part of this nation-wide strategy, IRAS aims to provide intuitive and convenient digital services to taxpayers and best-in-class tax administration services. At the IRAS Hackathon, you're invited to co-create new solutions with the community and professional experts to deliver taxpayer-centred experiences for SMEs, the self-employed, and individual taxpayers. The hackathon will center around the following opportunity areas:

1. Deliver digital services that are convenient and responsive to taxpayers' needs and queries.

2. Anticipate taxpayers' needs and deliver the right level of service or support at the right time.

3. Provide seamless integration of tax preparation and filing with taxpayers' existing systems and life events.

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