ITAG Hackathon 2015

Nottingham Trent University Clifton Campus, Nottingham
From Nov 20th 2015
To Nov 22nd 2015
See the website


Hackathon 2015!

The iTag Hackathon is a computer programming and game design competition which teams participate internationally or locally here at the host Nottingham Trent University.

This hackathon is part of an IEEE academic conference called the Interactive Technologies and Games Conference (iTag) [Link].


The idea is to create a game (in the most general meaning of the idea) around the Hackathon theme* (secret: which will be revealed before the 72 hour period). 

*The aim of the hackathon is to develop an application that can benefit an educational environment or provide enhanced accessibility to a specified user base. For those that wish to take part, all they need to do is register as either an individual or team on our website. All participants can either take part at a designated venue or remotely.


Voting by the iTag IEEE conference delegates will take place, winning and runner-up teams will be acknowledged officially by NTU and iTag. Winning team is also awarded a total cash prize of £250. 


The Hackathon is taking place from Tuesday, October 20, 9 am until Thursday the October 22, 3 pm (GMT).

The 3 day Hackathon programming challenge will be held in Nottingham Trent Pavilion Building in rooms 121, 122, 123. However, on the third day, presentations are held at GameCity. Please see schedule below for details. 

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