IT&NT Hackathon 2017

From Aug 9th 2017
To Aug 10th 2017
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What is IT&NT Hackathon 2017?


To support TM Digital Transformation Framework on Internet Process Optimization pillar.

To promote and cultivate digital and agile mindset among IT&NT employees.

To identify and polish digital talents within IT&NT to be further exposed and developed.

To simplify or resolve some IT&NT operational challenges by using digital technologies.

Theme & Categories

Hackathon Process

Rules & Regulations

Statement This event is opened only to IT&NT employees (all levels). Each IT&NT division is encourage to send at least 2 teams to participate.

Each team must consist of 3 persons, ideally: 

1 Ideator, 1 Designer & 1 Coder

All 3 persons must be from SAME IT&NT division (E.g. NMO)

All works must be within the Hackathon theme which is "Life Made Easier Through Digital Workspace" and participant must choose 1 of the below categories:

Analytics On-d-go

Digital Office

Automation & IOT

Duration given for participant is 24 hours (starts at 1st Day 12 PM and ends at 2nd Day 12 PM)

Teams must provide their own tools such as laptop, development software and hardware.

Organizer will however provide additional resources based on request and availability.

Common resources such as WiFi with internet, electricity, projector, tables, chairs, toilets, basic accommodation, and food & drinks will be provided.

Organizer will provide some common APIs for teams to make use. For other specific APIs, team must request in advance for organizer to prepare them (if available).

Team MUST use the provided APIs (at least 1) which will be opened during Hackathon Day. Solution will be judged mostly on creativity how the APIs are used by team.

Organizer will provide a technical mentor for team to refer for any technical assistance especially for the provided APIs.

Team must finalize their project requirements 2 months before Hackathon day in order for organizer to validate the project and assist them accordingly.

At the end of the event, each project will be presented to organizers and will be shortlisted into top 5. Selected projects will then be presented to IT&NT panel judges (IT&NT Management) to select the winners.


Scoring Scheme





If we bring our own device eg IOT device, the devices and codes that we write will still belong to us right? It won't be copyrighted to TM??

The devices and source codes will belong to the players. However, we encourage source code sharing and collaboration among players to promote innovations.

Can we attend the event from remote? Or we need to physically attend the event??

Physical attendance is compulsory and no remote access is allowed.


How long can we play around with OpenShift before the event?

Players OpenShift account will be created in June and you can play around and learn it around 1 month before the event.

During hackathon day team paticipant will be isolated or judge will join to see our developments?

Players are not isolated, but you can move around freely. Judges will not join during the development time, but mentors and organizers will be there to assist the players through out the competition.

 How long is the presentation table to table and final presentation?

For table presentation (we call it Pitching Session), we will provide 4 booths that will run concurrent evaluations. You will have max of 10 minutes (+ 2 minutes setup) to present your project. For Finale (Top 5 only), you will have 15 minutes (+ 2 minutes setup) to present on stage in front of judges and crowd.

Can non-relevant personnel join the event at TMCC?

During the 24-hour development period, only players, mentors and organizers are allowed to be in the main area designated by some "barriers". However crowd are allowed to see from outside the barrier in TMCC.

LAN connection provided?

No, only WiFi connectivity (with internet connection). You will have to use your SecureVPN credential to access the hackathon platform (OpenShift).

Can we bring supporters or cheerleaders?

Supporters (or anyone) may join the event (outside players barrier), however cheering or shouting is not allowed as it might disturb other players.

FAQ will be added from time to time... stay tuned...!

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