Hammerbrooklyn.DigitalCampus, Hamburg, Hamburg
From Oct 30th 2020
To Oct 31st 2020
Rethinking City Life for Mobility and Sustainability
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Developers, designers, architects, public transport employees, and citizens in Germany — with an interest and expertise in urban mobility and logistics! Logistik-Initiative Hamburg invites you to take part in the ITS Moin Hack hackathon event that will be held both on-site in Hamburg and virtually for remote participants.

You'll be challenged to create an innovative sustainable and smart mobility and logistics solution that addresses one of the following: 

  1. New mobility for the port of Hamburg
  2. Green4Bikes city quarter
  3. Smart Locker / Hamburg Box
  4. Make cycling better with apps

Click to the tips page for advice on participation in the ITS Moin Hack hackathon!



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