Jersey Shore Makerfest 4.0

RWJ Barnabas Health Arena, Toms River
Oct 20th 2018
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Begun in October 2015, Makerfest is an experimental, experiential, educational, and FREE (non-profit) annual community event, a celebration of creativity and imagination that's part MythBusters, part science lab, part county fair, and part art studio. It consists of 70-100 maker booths, LearningSpaces for workshops, an EdTalk stage, a Roborena, and -- In 2017, Makerfest hosted the Toms River United Sustainability Team (TRUST) Green Fair, supported the National Endowment for the Arts grant-funded community Big Read, and piloted the first Jersey Shore Hackathon. Over 250 makers and 10,000 attendees joined us in our first three years. Come be part of the fun!

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