Job Hackathon 2017

Organized by Parallel Score
Leadspace, Yaba
Dec 16th 2017
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You think you have what it takes to get employed on the spot?

- Pick a challenge- Solve the challenge- Get an employment offer

Take advantage of this opportunity to meet employers who want to talk to you about their employment opportunities.

Major Benefits- Competitive Salary- Excellent Working Condition- Training Opportunities- Flexible working hours

You also have the opportunity to gather information on career options, develop a network of contacts and identify job openings.

Target Audience/Job Categories- UI/UX- DevOps- Fullstack Developers- Project Managers

Attend our job hackathon to help you develop your professional look, networking skills and even get a well paid job with flexible working hours.

Come prepared to solve a real life challenge, ask questions and have your CV handy.

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