Junction Tallinn X Garage48 WarmUp

Garage48 HUB Tallinn, Tallinn
Oct 7th 2015
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Junction Hackathon X Garage48 Warmup

by Aaltoes


Hackathons are all about creating something new with great people and learning from the process. It's about transforming ideas into reality. On October 7th we’ll warm up Junction at Garage48 in Tallinn! 


Junction is the place where hundreds of developers get access to an API candy shop to hack ideas into product demos. At 6:00 PM we will open the doors to Garage48 Hub for an evening of talks, cool gadgets, food and drinks. 



- Opening Words

- The Hackathon Scene

- Junction 2015 Hackathon

- StartupBus Estonia

- The state of Virtual Reality, Peeter Nieler, CEO & Founder Criffin

- Network&&Eat&&Drink


Our mission for the evening is to introduce you to the hackathon scene, you’ll get hear what the coolest hackathon is all about and connect with like-minded.







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