Kerbspace Hack

Organized by BeMyApp
Wallacespace Spitalfields, London, London, London
From Nov 30th 2019
To Dec 1st 2019
Develop intelligent solutions to optimise movement in London
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Ford Mobility's Kerbspace Hack is a two-day innovation sprint inviting tech experts to generate intelligent solutions using the Kerbspace API portal and data that can help improve kerb space in the city of London. 

About Kerbspace Solutions

Digital Kerbspace is a suite of bespoke solutions that have been developed in collaboration with city and local government partners to manage their kerb space more effectively. 

The Challenge

Traffic congestion, emissions, road accidents, etc. limit the efficiency of urban transport systems. Kerb plays a pivotal role in transforming urban transport systems, not just for on-street parking but as pick-up/ drop-off points, delivery hotspots, parking new mobility vehicles, etc. 

Prize pool: 10K£

Wallacespace Spitalfields, London
30 November 2019 - 1 December 2019


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