From Sep 7th 2018
To Sep 8th 2018
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As it is the Deakin Software Engineering Club's inaugural year, we have decided to make our mark at the university by starting an annual hackathon! The intent behind LeadHack is to build and nurture an environment that inspires creativity and learning, with an emphasis on software engineering and product design that can help to build a better world.

At LeadHack students are given a theme or topical issue and are then required to build a working prototype of their vision. The hackathon itself runs for 12 hours, with a catered meet and greet the evening before where participants and sponsors will have an opportunity to mingle and form groups for the event.


$5.00 - DSEC members (promo codes will be given via mail)

$10.00 - DUSA members (message the page for your promo code)

$15.00 - Non-members




Smart city solutions

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