Learn It, Code it — Create a new Skill for the Amazon Alexa

Organized by Code District
Phase 2 Coworking Space, Los Angeles
Dec 9th 2017
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This FREE workshop, presented by Amazon and Code District is intended for anyone interested in learning how to program voice controlled devices.  Amazon Alexa is a great place to start learning. Hands-on labs will teach you how to code cool skills for Alexa. Lucky participants will win a free Amazon devices!

The need for Alexa Skill Developers is growing rapidly, as many companies move toward adding Alexa voice control to their products and services.  

Join Code District and Senior Solution Architect at Amazon, Justin Jeffress for this one day training event. You will learn how to build Alexa skills that reach millions of customers that utilize Alexa-enabled devices, including Amazon Echo, Fire TV and more!  Both seasoned and beginner developers are welcomed and encouraged to participate. 

What you will learn:

Introduction to Alexa Skills Kit

How to setup your development environment

Introduction to basic concepts like intents, utterances, and slots

How to build your first skill

The development of template based, custom, smart home and flash briefing skills

How to leverage AWS Lambda

Best practices for voice user interfaces


How to set your skill up for successful certification


Be sure to bring your laptop/notebook computer.

Get a developer account: developer.amazon.com (free)

Get an aws account:  aws.amazon.com (free - but CC required for signup)

Download sample templates to your desktop from github.com/amzn/alexa-skills-kit-js  

Why Attend? 

Take your experience to the next level! Amazon Echo and the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) open new doors of opportunities to build voice-enabled apps without deep knowledge of Natural Language Processing (NLP). This course, Developing Alexa Skills for Amazon Echo, will get you started working with voice-enabled devices. 

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Justin JeffressSenior Solutions Architect, Alexa Hackathons. at Amazon

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