LifeSciHack - An Open Science Hackathon

Organized by Experimental Civics
Mozilla Festival House, London, London
From Oct 22nd 2019
To Oct 23rd 2019
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A global traveling hackathon bridging the fields of software engineering, medicine, and life sciences.
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We as Open Science and Open Source advocates want to provide aid to those who are improving and saving human lives regardless of business bottom line and product sales. Our projects aim to tackle the difficulties facing big data, data interoperability, software toolkits, education, and machine learning. 

We launched in Austin, Texas winning a Mozilla Open Science Grant in February 2019 and now are traveling to London in Oct 2019. We will have an exclusive space at the MozFest House in Central London. 

So far we've partnered up with Mozilla, University of Oxford, Women Who Code, and other open entities to bring this event for the students, researchers, scientists, engineers, and health professionals! If you want to help us create an impact in the Life Science Community then please join us!


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