Organized by BeMyApp
Werk 1, Munich, Munich
From Nov 16th 2018
To Nov 18th 2018
7.000 €
Solving the Future of Smart Logistics with Machine Learning and AI
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Linde and Intel invite you to take part at the Linde.Intel.AI.Challenge, a Hackathon focussed on the task of solving the Future of Smart Logistics with Machine Learning and AI.

You will be challenged to find patterns and similarities in gas tanks behaviour and create a prediction model for a timeframe of a day or an hour. The data for this task will be based on real-life data from a real location. Finally, you will need to create a UI/UX that makes the prediction understandable for the human controller and will instill confidence in the prediction model. You will use Machine Learning and basically train an AI.

Find out more about the hackathon and the prizes here:

If you’re up for the task and accept the Mission - click on register and get ready for some serious fun!

If you’re passionate about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or the next Step in Human-Machine Interaction, this Hackathon is for you!

Win great prizes, and learn everything you ever wanted about the future of Smart Logistics!


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