Lisbon Challenge Hackathon

Beta-i, Lisboa
From Oct 24th 2015
To Oct 25th 2015
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Ever wondered what’s like to work in a startup? The culture, day-to-day, the numerous possibilities for making a real impact on people’s lives or user experience? We have an open call for skilled developers, designers, UX experts or hackathon fanatics to showcase their skills on during the 48hrs LC hackathon.

The LC Hackathon is a well-known Lisbon Challenge “ritual”, focussed on product development and design. Teams will work during 48 hours, sharing resources from each other and getting extra help from external helpers designers and programmers.

Check out the list of startups participating on this edition and register here to help building tomorrow’s products and services.



Most of the startups don’t have a designer, so any help – literally – is welcome. If you know how to use Photoshop, app design or are into UX, even better. But if you don’t, don’t worry, we’re sure you can help 


Platforms: Web, Android, iOS, Linux, Hardware, OS X and also Physical Space, Windows 8, Windows Phone, mysql, Facebook api, reddis, freeBSD, wordpress, outsystems.

Languages: HTML5, C#, C++, .NET, Rails, Django, Express.js, jQuery, Node.js, AWS, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQL Server, Android, iOS.

Hosting/cloud provider: Amazon, Azure, Rackspace, SoftLayer, LunaCloud, Heroku.


What's on us? • We'll offer you great challenges on trendy tech areas (IoT, Big Data, Machine Learning and many others); • Cools perks and prizes (to be announced during the event); • Challenging environment with unique networking opportunities (have we told you that over 10 people found a job at similar hackathon events' organised by Beta-i?); • Work from Lisbon greatest entrepreneurial hub in the city center; • Get to hear inspirational talks on how a developer became a successful CEO and learn how to progam a drone.

What's on you?

• We expect you to be commited to the event (can you manage 48 challenging hours?); • This is an incredible and intense learning experience but we also expect you to share your knowledge; • We want happy (and funny) people around; • We expect you to be an active promoter of the event (share the love within your network).

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