Lithe Product Innovation Challenge

Organized by Lithe
From Sep 1st 2020
To Oct 1st 2020
Lithe is a Home Furniture Startup. Participate in the Design Challenge with Innovative Designs that gel with Lithe Ethos


WFH (Work from Home) and Remote Working are here to stay!!

Our Home environment is changing. All of us are going to stay in our homes for longer periods; But for work.

All of us would’ve set up our home offices with chairs and desks. But there’s more to setting up a pleasant home office than ergonomic chairs and desks. Design of our corporate offices are the result of years of ergonomic studies in lighting, spaces, walkways etc. to keep us comfortable throughout the day.

The market has many brands offering excellent, comfortable WFH Furniture. But Home Office Furniture can’t just be an extension of our Office Workspaces. Our brand, ‘Lithe’ wants to stay away from the crowd and introduce people to a world of new possibilities.

‘Lithe’ envisions to provide a joyful, energetic & comfortable home office experience by incorporating tech savvy, smart and aesthetic enhancements to furniture.


Participate in the challenge with innovative concepts that Lithe can take to market.



  • Team Sizes of up to 2
  • Participants need to submit a maximum of 3 furniture designs
  • The furniture may include any category (chair, tables, couch, desks etc.) that enable efficient working from home environment
  • The Best of the 3 Designs would be used in evaluating the submission
  • The submission should include all technical details that would help in manufacturing the final products (Eg: Material, Technology, Dimensions etc.)
  • The submission should include the names and contact details of participants
  • Team Sizes of up to 2
  • Final Submission to be uploaded as a PDF file


Do you have the answer? Check out the challenges and formulate your solutions.
Design Challenge
Check the link below for details on the challenge


Wondering what kind of hackers are needed to take on the challenges? Find them here.
With your deep scientific background, you are able to design and build complicated machines and systems to drive a technical project.
Loves tinkering around with hardware and IoT. Your hands start to itch when you hear a great idea.
Idea generator
You spark creation with your original ideas and understand the problem at hand.
Who would use this solution? You have all the answers to bring the product to market and possess a business brain.
Not techie or a designer, but your magic touch will bring projects to life.
In your skillful hands, dashboards and applications gain clarity and style.


Get a leg up on the competition by getting familiar with the hackathon resources at your disposal.
Challenge Document
Check the link for detailed info on the challenge


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