Mapathon Meetup - EcoMotion

Organized by EcoMotion
CityZone, Tel - Aviv
Nov 19th 2019
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The Survey Of Israel, Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative, and EcoMotion invite entrepreneurs, students, elite units, startups, and industry to compete in the MAPATHON in order to define the future of maps in Israel and developing new technologies in the field!

MAPATHON teams will test a 60-km HD mapping section (, use it, research and experiment to identify the best use cases for innovative and breakthrough applications for autonomous vehicle and smart mobility technologies. Experts from the mapping area, automotive industry and innovation will accompany the MAPATHON participants and mentor them along the way.

Join this first of its kind hackathon with a prize of ₪15,000 for the winning solution.

Agenda:16:30-17:15 Registration & Networking

17:15-17:30 The HD Mapping Vision & GoalsDaniella Gera Margaliot, Deputy Managing Director, Fuel Choices and Smart Mobility Initiative

Prof. Yaron Felus, Chief Scientist, Survey Of Israel

17:30-17:50 Raw Mapping Materials - 60 km Measurements Ori Isenberg, GIS Technology Manager, Ofek Aerial Photography 

17:50-18:05 Open Drive format Ofer Menashes, VP Marketing & Sales, Mapa

18:05-18:15 Presenting the MAPATHON & its goalsOr Chakarov, Implementation Manager, EcoMotion

18:15-18:25 Q&AOr Chakarov, EcoMotion Implementation Manager

18:25-19:15 Consultation with the mentors

For more information see the MAPATHON site

To apply, click HERE!

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