MAXathon I Reimagine Healthcare with Maxonrow

Organized by Maxonrow
From Sep 5th 2020
To Oct 3rd 2020
MAXathon: Reimagine Healthcare with Maxonrow
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Maxonrow is organizing its first-ever MAXathon, an online hackathon from September 5th - October 3rd 


All Blockchain experts, developers, and other tech enthusiasts are invited to reimagine the use and applications of blockchain for health and sanitary solutions in response to global challenges propagated by the COVID-19 pandemic 🤓

The challenge categories include:

➡️ Contact tracing for social distancing

➡️  Health Status

➡️ Welfare 

➡️ Social Networking

➡️ UI/UX & Data Analytics

Participants must submit their project on the challenge platform before SEPTEMBER 30TH 2020.

After all submissions have been reviewed, 20 teams will be selected to attend the Demo Day on OCTOBER 3RD 2020, at which time they will pitch their solution to the final jury. 

🍾 The winning team of each track will be rewarded with €3,000 🍾

Who is Maxonrow:

Maxonrow is a blockchain solution and service provider, we offer real identity verification process (KYC) to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.

We build regulatory-compliant solutions for businesses, intuitive apps for end users and powerful tools for developers. Maxonrow’s mainchain is powered by a high-throughput transactional chain, predictable transaction fee structure, and user-issued tokens

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