McKinsey Datathon: The City Cup

Organized by McKinsey & Company
McKinsey & Company Office , Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Nov 17th 2018
1st 5,000 EUR + conference, 2nd - 3,000 EUR, 3rd 2,000 EUR + more prizes
3 cities: Amsterdam, Stockholm and Zurich. 1 challenging dataset. EUR 10K+ prizes.
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At The City Cup, you will gain insight into the types of problems that our McKinsey data scientists solve daily.

You will leave with a better understanding of the meaningful work we do with clients and the impact we create, as well as the various opportunities that McKinsey offers for tech talent.

In addition to the hands-on hacking exercise, you will have ample time to network with our colleagues and other participants, enjoy food and drinks and have an opportunity to win great prizes!

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