MCT1 Minecraft Playthrough

Fishburners, Brisbane City
Feb 19th 2017
See the website


On Sunday February 19 at 1pm, we'll be playing through a modified version of Minecraft that is being developed to support children and families with Type 1 Diabetes. 

During the weekend software developers and game designers are working on this modified version that has three principle aims:

1. Be educational: the gameplay teaches players about the mechanics of Type 1 Diabetes and its management

2. Be entertaining: the gameplay is designed to be engaging and make learning fun!

3. Create community: be a lightning rod for children and families living with Type 1 and provide the opportunity for community.

So you are welcome to come with your child and play through the Minecraft version that we call MCT1 (Minecraft for Type 1) and give us your valuable feedback!

What you'll need to bring:

A laptop with Minecraft installed.

A Mojang account for the Java version of Minecraft (you can buy a card from Coles for $25 for this)

The event is supported by Magikcraft, NovoNordisk, Just Digital People, Pharmadata, Fishburners, and Digital Brisbane.

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