Media Hack Day 2020

Organized by Media Perspectives
Media Park, Hilversum, Hilversum, Hilversum
Sep 4th 2020
Creating an auction platform for advertising space
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Developers, UX designers, and data scientists in the Netherlands! Media Perspectives invites you to take part in Media Hack Day 2020. You can register with a team of four to six people, or join one at the event.  Your team will collaborate and compete against four other teams to develop an online auction platform, suitable for the sale of TV advertising airtime. Data sets will be provided by STER (Stichting Ether Reclame), which is responsible for sales of advertising space on all Dutch public TV and radio channels. 

You will have 12 hours to develop and pitch your team's auction platform to a jury of media industry data experts for the chance to win cool prizes. Each participant will be awarded a gift card worth € 35.

If you need answers to your hackathon questions, then visit the tips page!

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