Media Hack Day 9&10 oktober 2020

Organized by Media Perspectives
Media Park, Hilversum, Hilversum, Hilversum
From Oct 9th 2020
To Oct 10th 2020
Creating a Recommendation Engine for NPO Streaming Viewers
See the website


Young professionals, data science students, developers, creative minds, and other problem-solvers in the Netherlands! Media Perspectives invites you to participate in a 2-day Media Hack, where NPO, VPRO and Beeld en Geluid will challenge you to conceive and build a public broadcast corporation recommendation engine of the future! 

You will have 24 hours to develop and create a suitable recommendation engine and then pitch your team's solution to a jury of data experts from the media industry. The winning team will be awarded prizes worth several hundred euros!

If you need advice on hackathon participation, go to the tips page!

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