Meet-Up Blockchain@Siemensstadt 2.0 in Cooperation with #TokenEngineering Berlin

A32 - Entrepreneurs Forum Siemensstadt, Berlin
Nov 25th 2019
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Come and join the fourth edition of our Blockchain@Siemensstadt 2.0 meet-up and the 21st Token Engineering meet-up

#connect2evolve is an innovation project driven by a team of Siemens AG employees. The aim of the project is to enable socio-economic development in rural villages by providing energy supply. The next step is to conduct a crowdfunding campaign for a Solartainer® to provide energy for a village in Senegal. The challenge for impact investments like this is to offer value for both investors and future energy consumers. In addition to that, Siemens aims for a setup to transfer ownership of the energy generating asset and its future energy production to the broader ecosystem - and measuring the effects of doing so. One promising way to establish economic mechanisms for impact investments is blockchain. By developing mechanisms that align the goals of investors and consumers, so-called token economies can help create successful, self-sustaining energy ecosystems: - for communities who benefit from new infrastructure and new businesses depending on energy supply. - for individuals who have a stake in own infrastructure. - for investors who are able to track and proof the impact of the investment made. At this meetup we’ll present the hackathon results from Diffusion Hackathon 2019 as well as the broader scope of the connect2evolve project. Join us for an evening with presentations, discussions and participants from both the energy and blockchain sector.

Invited are all Blockchain and Token Engineering enthusiasts, evangelists and activists independent if you are working for the government, a start-up, a corporate, university, if you are an investor and so on…

Our mission: We aim to bring all the different disciplines together, foster co-creation in an unique environment and build a ”one of its kind” community.

Bring your ideas and thoughts, we got the drinks.

Much appreciated

the Token Engineering and the Power to the People team

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