Memory Palace Hackathon

Future Business Centre Cambridge, Cambridge
From Apr 22nd 2016
To Apr 24th 2016
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The Memory Palace Hackathon's main aim is for you to develop a software that will allow individuals to build memory palaces in virtual reality or a 3D modeled environment on a 2D screen. Human memory is significantly better adapted to learning spaces and images than it is to learning textual and numerical information. For millennia, memory techniques have been developed and leveraged in oral cultures to store huge amounts of information in human memory through association with space and image. While the core principles of memory palaces can be learned quickly, their application to specific subjects and disciplines remains elusive. By creating a means of building memory palaces in virtual reality, the entire process can be transmitted and demonstrated faster, more effectively, and with digital – as well as human – memory storage. Users will be able to see their own and other people’s memory palaces, as well as be able to create their own memory palaces with built-in guidance and step-by-step instruction. This event will require developers familiar with Ruby programming language and preferably with Sketchup itself. The goal is to code the steps and functions that allow teachers to create instructional modules and students to add their own associations and build their own memory palaces.

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