Miami Newsjam: Make Newsgames in a Day

University of Miami: Interactive Media Center, 5100 Brunson Dr, Coral Gables
From Nov 8th 2019
To Nov 9th 2019
Building games about current events in the news
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The Newsjam is an opportunity to rally community around games for reporting, playful infographics, data driven play, persuasive games and anything that's about helping improve the news through game design. Work and play with other game designers, programmers and artists to inspire the spirit of political activism and news reporting into games. This year, there will a Newsjam in Washington, DC and one in Miami,Florida. You can participate at either, but not both, locations. The Newsjam is an event sponsored by the Knight Foundation and the American University Game Lab and the University of Miami School of Communication. In its second year, it is a 24 hour game jam with a very specific focus - the intersection of news, games. and community. It’s an opportunity to experiment with games as a way of connecting people with the news, empowering citizen reporters or re-envisioning the way we learn about the world around us.

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