MindSphere Future Buildings Hack

Organized by Siemens
Expo 2020, Dubai, Dubai
From Sep 13th 2021
To Oct 21st 2021
Shaping the Smart City of the Future
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How would you envisage the future of buildings? Shape the future of smart cities at Expo 2020 Dubai with Siemens! Be part of a unique global hackathon series šŸ¦¾

The MindSphere Future Buildings Hack

How do you envisage the future of buildings?

How can we reduce the CO2 emissions of buildings?

How can we monitor, control and analyze building assets and manage space in a smarter way?

What are new ways smart buildings will interact with people, systems and external elements around them?

How can smart building solutions help to reduce the need for buildings in future?

Tackle the greatest challenges of the industry by creating the IIoT applications of tomorrow to make buildings smarter with MindSphere!

What does this experience have to offer?

Get unique business opportunities and the possibility to secure a partnership with Siemens to implement your solution.

Access real-world insights from the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe.

Win an all-inclusive trip to Expo 2020 Dubai and be right at the heart of innovation.

Benefit from high visibility as you present your solution on a Siemens stage at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Who are we looking for? 

This hackathon series is open to startups and other innovative companies, with the capacity to develop a new product or repurpose their existing solution to tackle this challenge.

Feel equipped enough to take on the challenge?

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