MindSphere Future Energy Hack

Organized by Siemens
From Aug 12th 2021
To Sep 21st 2021
Shaping the Smart City of the Future
See the website


How do you envisage the future of energy?

Siemens MindSphere is organizing a Hackathon Series at Expo 2020 in Dubai from October to March. The second program, MindSphere Future Energy Hack, will be dedicated to the energy aspect of smart infrastructure.

Siemens is searching for startups and innovative companies with the necessary tools,  willing to help elevate the future of smart cities. 

Siemens will be looking for adaptable/scalable/reusable solutions, fit to MindSphere (description and sketched architecture), solving real-life problems, innovation and creativity when choosing the right participants for both the Bootcamp and the onsite hack in Dubai.

Sign up before the 21st of September.



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