Mobility West - Disruptive Technology and Transportation

May 20th 2020
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Industry leaders and panels will debate the impact of emerging technologies on transportation and mobility across the Globe: Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality, Blockchain, Drones, IoT, Robots, Autonomy, 3D Printing, Big Data, 5G and more.


Policy sessions with peers, to discuss possibilities and pitfalls of disrupting mobility as we know it. Mobility West will provide professionally lead KanBan sessions to publish a definitive recommendation to policy makers across the western hemisphere on how they should approach the coming technology revolution in a way that benefits all communities.


EVENT TO BE STREAMED LIVE GLOBALLY as teams from universities across the US, Canada and Latin America meet head to head at the Mobility West Hackathon. Kicking off the MW Track, teams will have 24 hours to hack together what they believe will be the next major disruption in mobility apps. Teams will have access to a host of cutting edge industry 4.0 technologies and global information systems including state of the art GIS and spectral data. Demos will be presented and conference attendees will be given a chance to cast their vote along with a panel of industry leading judges at the close of the conference in the awarding of major prizes for the top solutions.

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