Modular Housing Hackathon: The Reconstruction of Ukraine

Organized by Ultrahack
From Apr 11th 2024
To Apr 13th 2024
Prize Pool €5,000 for the winning teams
Join us in rebuilding lives and communities with innovative modular housing solutions, making a lasting impact.
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In the aftermath of conflict, countless citizens have found themselves displaced and in need of immediate, flexible, and sustainable housing solutions. The "Reconstruction of Ukraine: Modular Housing Hackathon" aims to address this pressing issue by bringing together a diverse group of thinkers. Join us in this crucial rebuild of lives and communities through the power of innovative modular housing solutions. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Why should I join and contribute 🤔?

Traditionally, emergency shelters have been temporary structures, often made of basic materials like tents and tarpaulins. Factors like extreme weather conditions, pest infestations, and overall wear and tear pose significant challenges. We can do better together!

  • The prize pool for the hackathon is 5000 euros, which will be shared between the winning teams.
  • The best concepts will receive additional support for further development, with an opportunity to present results to a global audience.
  • Build and strengthen partnerships with local businesses to supply materials and labour, promoting economic development and sustainability.
  • Encourage the development of micro-enterprises within displaced communities that can contribute to the construction and maintenance of modular housing units.
  • Collaborate with humanitarian organisations / NGOs to integrate modular housing solutions into broader relief efforts, ensuring a coordinated and effective response.

Make a lasting impact and register to join here by March 29th!


Do you have the answer? Check out the challenges and formulate your solutions.
We are inviting all critical thinkers who want to aid and make a lasting impact for individuals in need; including designers, architects, engineers, citizens, business developers, urban planners, and policymakers. Participants should develop real concepts and solutions during the hackathon, focussing on on-the-ground decision-making for flexible housing solutions. Solution examples: 1. Develop modular housing units that are easily assembled, disassembled, and transported to accommodate different site conditions and community needs. 1. Explore modular designs that can be adapted for various family sizes and demographics; 2. Utilise sustainable and durable materials to ensure longevity and resist harsh environmental conditions; 3. Explore the integration of emerging technologies such as 3D printing, robotics, and automation in the construction process to enhance efficiency and reduce costs; 4. Incorporate renewable energy sources (solar panels, wind turbines), sanitation and water purification and energy-efficient technologies to create resilient housing solutions. Learn more about the challenge:

Prizes pool

Got your eye on the prize? See what's in-store for the hackathon winners below.
Present results to a global audience during the final event


Wondering what kind of hackers are needed to take on the challenges? Find them here.
Back, Front, or Full stack - you turn concepts into reality using sharp coding skills while listening to a hot playlist.
With your deep scientific background, you are able to design and build complicated machines and systems to drive a technical project.
Loves tinkering around with hardware and IoT. Your hands start to itch when you hear a great idea.
Idea generator
You spark creation with your original ideas and understand the problem at hand.
Who would use this solution? You have all the answers to bring the product to market and possess a business brain.
Not techie or a designer, but your magic touch will bring projects to life.
Data Scientist
You and data, it's a long story. A virtuoso that works magic with databases and adds a sprinkle of AI.
In your skillful hands, dashboards and applications gain clarity and style.


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