Nairobi Stew - Making Nairobi Great Again

Organized by The Kijiji
Ki.chen Rooftop, Nairobi
Feb 27th 2019
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Are you ready for a night of making Nairobi great again with your fellow Nairobians? Come hang out, network and listen to great people changing Nairobi - all for a donation of 500 bob which will go to a project chosen by the community.

Nairobi Stew is a community dinner that offers a vibrant and inspiring space where people convene, share a bowl of stew, build new connections and reacquaint with older ones. All this while supporting community projects in Nairobi.

The stew is built on the belief that a donation of 500 bob, 4 pitches, stew and a vote is all you need to make incredible things happen in your community. Join us as we build Nairobi, one project and bowl of stew at a time.

How does it work?

For a suggested donation of 500 ksh, attendees receive a bowl of stew, a ballot and listen to 4 presentations. The ideas range from art, urban agriculture, social justice, education, technology and more. Each presenter has 4 minutes to share their idea and answer 4 questions from the audience. The attendees eat, talk, share resources, enjoy art and vote on the project they think benefits the city the most. At the end of the night, we count the ballots and the winner goes home with all of the money raised to carry out their project. Winners will then come back to a future Stew dinner to report their project’s progress.

The last winner was BENA CARE who offer nursing services to the sick, terminally ill, disabled persons at the comfort of their own homes. Hospitalisation has become expensive, bankrupting families both emotionally and financially. That is why Bena Care enables people to keep the sick family member at home, reducing both financial expenses and time spent in traffic visiting their loved ones in hospital. 

Nairobi Stew is a great way to raise money, build community support and get connections to local resources that can help you carry out your project. The money is not the best part about the evening - our aim is to make sure that every presenter of the evening goes home with connections and pledges of support from the community.

Want to pitch about your project at Nairobi Stew?

Great! The application form can be found here, and the deadline for submission is 2359hrs, Friday,  15th February 2019. The only criteria is that your project has to contribute to a better Nairobi. Please take a moment to read our guidelines and application process before submitting your form. If your proposal is chosen, you’ll have 4 minutes to pitch it to the Stew community. The pitch that wins the popular vote takes home the crowdfunded microgrant.


17:30 Doors open. Come, find your seat, talk with your neighbour and learn about the presenters.

18:00 Introduction to Nairobi Stew, and then presentations. Each presenter is invited to talk about their idea for four minutes, and then the audience is allowed four questions.

19:00 Dinner & voting.

19:30 Announcement of the winner.


Ki.chen supports Nairobi’s changemakers as the official Food Partner for Nairobi Stew. They deliver fresh, healthy and tasty food, for only 200 ksh. You can also reach out to them for event catering. Check them out and order your meal from here.

Julikana is the Photography Partner for the Nairobi Stew. They are a content and brand storytelling agency helping startups, creative and social enterprises be known, cared for and loved by their audience. Julikana also helps entities who support their key target audience by visualizing their impact, big data and document their programs, events, workshops, hackathons and master classes. These entities include but are not limited to accelerators, incubators, venture capitalists, private equity firms, angel investors and governments.

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