New Generation Comms and Storage Hackathon

From Aug 22nd 2019
To Sep 23rd 2019
Focus on user privacy and build products for the future where people can safeguard their digital content
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The Internet has advanced people’s modern life, brings convenience and improved effectiveness for so many. It has fostered the e-commerce, social media, sharing economy. However, there seems to be some things not quite right.

While the internet is bringing people closer, it is also building an invisible web that captures everyone by way of personal data monetization, social credit, digital ID, banking status, etc. In other words, people are exchanging their digital lives for ‘convenience’. This situation creates a wide open door for malicious attacks, while also enabling for-profit chasing corporations to unscrupulously monetize their users without consent.


Bridge Confidant Account with Opacity Storage

Confidant has 20G free storage for each account holder. How would user access Opacity Storage when using Confidant in messaging, upload files, photos, videos, and store the emails?


Bridge Confidant Station storage to Opacity

A Confidant Station can extend up to 2T hardware storage. How can an owner allocate some spare space to lend to Opacity users or other Confidant users? The owner can earn OPQ or QGAS.


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