Nissan Innovation Lab Presentation + Open Innovation Meet up

Organized by
Le Square, Paris
Jul 5th 2017
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Hi Nissan !

On July 5th, Innovation lab is organizing a 1hour event to present its activities. During this hour we will explain you our mission, activities, on-going projects as well as how we are supporting Nissan's strategy.

Also, a Meet up is organized in our Innovation Lab starting 19.00pm on Open Innovation: How corporates and start-ups can work together and create win-win business partnerships. This event is organized by NUMA (French incubator) and will be supported by external speakers.

Overall program:

5.30pm to 6pm: Welcome drink and visit of our innovation lab composed of 5+ corporates and +20 start ups

6pm to 7pm: Nissan innovation lab presentation

7pm to 9pm: NUMA open innovation meet up

Feel free to join! Any logistic question, please liaise with Filippo Ciferri


NUMA Meet up:

Open innovation and after? How to measure the benefits of start-ups - large groups collaboration? CityMakers is an Open Innovation program that aims to develop solutions in collaboration with start-ups to accelerate the transition to flexible and sustainable urban mobility.

Corporate Venture, vertical acceleration, start up studio, hackathon ... What is the added value of these different types of collaborations? How to measure success outside the creation of new business? Shock of cultures, misalignment of objectives, legal stakes, the obstacles to a fruitful collaboration are sometimes as numerous as its profits.

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