TEAM UP - Studena 4/B, Bratislava, Bratislava
From Oct 6th 2018
To Oct 7th 2018
10.000 EUR
Win with VÚB 10 000 eur in 24 hours!
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If you are a web designer, a developer, a marketing specialist or an university student in a related field, it’s your time to set free your creative spirit and help us kick-starting the development of new banking solutions!


Do you have the answer? Check out the challenges and formulate your solutions.
AI for Banking
- Explore new ways of relationship with consumers, not only by offering standard products but also delivering value at each step of the daily customer journey outside banking. - Inspire banks using all relevant data to impact customer behavior through habit pattern analysis therefore to deliver a personalized digital experience, providing appropriate and relevant offers/products.
Biometrics for Security
- Exploit the biometrics to provide an improved identification and authentication process in respect of the security and privacy requirements. - Provide authorization tools based on biometrics to decrease the number of unauthorized and fraudulent transactions.
Hassle free experience
- Help us finding solutions that can be implemented cross devices, considering a seamless and impressive customer experience. - Create a bridge between the physical and the virtual world through new solutions or ideas respecting a frictionless experience through the channels.
Open Banking & PSD2
- Use the possibilities that Open Banking & PSD2 give to the banks to create solutions that enable new customers’ acquisition. - Help us creating and developing “signature” experiences in the sales area, taking advantage of the information that can be retrieved through Open Banking & PSD2.
Solutions for Legal Entities
- Provide smart, cutting-edge solutions that will help Legal Entities to manage their invoices and cash flows. - Help us exploring and finding innovative ideas and functions that could help the legal entities in their everyday relation with the bank.
Personal Finance Management
- Provide Personal Financial Management models that can be introduced and become a significant part of digital channels. - Build interesting and interactive features that can help customers in drawing a personal finance strategy based on their income.

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TEAM UP - Studena 4/B
6 October 2018 - 7 October 2018


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