November 2016 #mumtechup - Databases

Organized by Augustine Correa
Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
Nov 27th 2016
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Agenda [please read till the end for full details] : 

This is going to be one helluva "eventful" meetup. We are taking this opportunity to visit the Microsoft Mumbai campus after an extensive renovation. And its the ideal location to kickstart two local Azure chapters in Bombay: namely Azure IoT and Azure Cloud. For those interested, I would urge you to join the individual meetups group [link given below each talk ] because from hereon both these groups will traverse on their own separate trajectories. This meetup will also be the fifth and the last in the Dockercon 2016 Recap Series


Time: 12.00 pm  - 1.00 pm 

Session: Microsoft Bot Framework and Cognitive Services

The Microsoft Bot Framework lets you build and deploy bots across a variety of channels, like Facebook, Skype and Slack. In addition, Microsoft Cognitive Services lets you build apps with deep, powerful algorithms centered around things like vision, speech, language, and more. In this session, we will explore the Microsoft Bot Framework while building a simple bot or two, and then combine that knowledge with Cognitive Services to create something more useful and engaging

Speaker: Maninderjit Bindra 

Bio : Maninderjit Bindra (Mani) is a Senior Tech Evangelist at Microsoft. In his current role, he helps partners, customers and developers in building scalable and resilient solutions. He has over 16 years of industry experience and has designed and implemented several high volume, business critical applications and APIs, using Open Source as well as Microsoft Technologies. You can connect with him on Twitter @manisbindra

Target Audience : Devs, Bot and Machine Learning Enthusiasts 



Time: 1.15 pm  - 3.00 pm 

Session: The Internet of Things: Connecting everything

Speaker: Gandhali Samant

Bio: Gandhali is a Sr. Technology evangelist from Microsoft India. Spending over 15 years in IT, Gandhali has worked with several MNCs in India and abroad, primarily in the insurance and retail domain. In her current role as a certified cloud architect, she helps partners, customers and developers in building world-class solutions on Microsoft’s Cloud platform. Her primary focus is on working with startups and helping them to move to cloud. A graduate in Computer Engineering from the University Of Mumbai, Gandhali holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the Florida Institute Of Technology. You can connect with her on twitter @s_gandhali and her blog link is 

Target Audience: IoT enthusiasts



Time: 3.10 pm  - 4.00 pm 

Session: DockerCon 2016 Recap - Microsoft

Speaker: Augustine Correa

Bio: Loves exploring new technologies, have a voracious appetite for food and knowledge. Trekking and heavy lifting in real and virtual world, organizing events are my forte apparently. Unlike my NPM packages, my TV series torrents are always updated except when NPM breaks the internet :-)

Target Audience - Beginners's knowledge of containers & Azure technologies


MTP Talks


Time: 4.00 pm  - 5.00 pm 

Session: Getting hands-on with Graph-databases

Speaker: Kaushik Chaubal

Bio: Kaushik is a Java developer in BlackRock-London, an investment management firm, since early 2012 and works in the Core Software Infrastructure team. In his spare time, he enjoys reading and trying new technologies, attending Hackathons and building new things! He holds a masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh.

Target Audience:

The focus of the talk is walk through the fundamentals of graph databases, their storage mechanisms and processing engines. The talk will also include demos on implementations and examples of some popular graph databases, such as Neo4j, Titan and Sparksee. As such, the target audience is anyone who is interested to learn about the world of no-SQL databases, distributed storage, scalable solutions to deal with complex and unstructured big-data.


Time: 5.00 pm - 6.00 pm

Session: Real time app development using RethinkDB

Speaker: Shahid Shaikh

Bio: Shahid Shaikh is an Engineer, Author and Blogger. He works full time at Accion Labs inc where he designs and develops backend applications. He has authored a book on Sails.js - MVC framework for Node.js and is currently writing one on RethinkDB. He blogs about programming at

Target Audience: Backend developers


 Important notes:

1. The meetup is free and open to all technology enthusiasts ONLY. Recruiters and entrepreneurs who are looking to hire, please excuse, this is a purely technical event. Ours is a community run meetup.

2. Its mandatory for all those who are attending to get the tickets for the sessions they intend to attend.[Soft copy is preferrable...a QR code + 2 barcode will be generated for you when you buy a ticket]

3. DO NOT issue tickets if you are not sure of attending. If you get tickets issued and do NOT attend, you go into our blacklist which will be to your disadvantage for ALL our future meetups

4. Please watch out for changes in schedule. We will communicate with you on the email provided during registeration. 

5. Right of admissions reserved. Since we have limited seats, we want to ensure the correct audience partakes in the individual sessions. Hence its vital you fill up the relevant boxes on various technologies while registering.

6. There will be timeouts for 10 minutes coffee/tea and bio breaks but we do not serve lunch. Why? See last statement of point 1 above :-)


Maninderjit Bindra (Mani)

Microsoft India

Senior Tech Evangelist

Kaushik Chaubal


Java developer

Augustine Correa



Gandhali Samant

Microsoft India

Sr. Tech Evangelist

Shahid Shaikh

Accion Labs Inc

Software Engineer

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