Oakridge International School, Bengaluru, Bengaluru
From Jan 18th 2020
To Jan 19th 2020
Oak Codefest is Bangalore's first overnight hackathon for high school students to display their skills and win prizes.
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Oak Codefest is Bangalore's first overnight hackathon for high school students and gives them the opportunity to display their skills. Thanks to our sponsors this year, we are offering exciting participation prizes as well as extensive rewards for the winners, including cash prizes over Rs. 60,000/-, a chance to intern at a multinational company and even an opportunity to pitch your winning idea to a panel of investors to take your ideas to the next level! Additionally, all participants also receive one-month free access to Progate- a learning platform for programming languages, where you can enter the "Oak Codefest Learning Challenge", and compete for Amazon gift cards worth Rs. 1000/-!

Held annually in Bangalore, Oak Codefest is in its third year now. Developers compete to create solutions that address some of the world's biggest problems such as transportation and security. Other themes include game development, data science, and the Internet of Things. For more details, don't forget to check out our website. What are you waiting for? Register now. 

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