Ocean Protocol - Product Milestone Announcement: Trilobite Release

Organized by Ocean Protocol
Digital Catapult, null
Dec 18th 2018
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We’ve been busy this 2018 and we want to update you on a major project milestone, important for the global AI and data science community.

Join some of the members of Ocean Protocol’s Founding Team as they reveal exciting new features of Ocean Protocol Testnet v2 (Trilobite ) including capabilities for registering and exchanging digital assets, connecting a data marketplace to the network and how a data marketplace could potentially be like on Ocean Protocol.

There will be interesting announcements about our collaborations too!

As always, refreshments and food are on us. Doors open at 5:30 pm, we are starting at 6:00pm sharp.

5.30 pm - Registration

6.00 pm - Welcome to Digital Catapult

Anat Elhalal, Head of Technology, Lead Technologist AI/ML

6.10 pm - Product Update

Founding Team Member of Ocean Protocol and Director of Partnerships and Business Development at DEX, Irene Lopez de Vallejo will be sharing what’s new at Ocean Protocol including the recent product release, the updated roadmap for network release, and what we can all look forward to in the coming year 2019. With this product release, we can look forward to many exciting hands-on activities in the pipeline for developers and data scientists.

Irene has over 20 years of experience in multidisciplinary applied technology research and international policy development across the fields of robotics, high-value manufacturing, the Internet of Things, and more recently AI and blockchain. With a background in Social Science, Economics, and Architecture, Irene has a long-standing passion to understand the complex relationships underlying societies and technologies.

Irene worked in the Digital Catapult and is a co-founder of GivingStreets, an organization that enables spontaneous cashless donations. She is an advocate for Tech For good and Financial Inclusion, a mentor for Startupbootcamp IoT and IoT Tribe, a jury for IET Awards, and an advisor for Creative Friction.

6.25 pm - Marketplace Tech Demo

Mike Anderson, Ocean Protocol Founding Team member and CTO of DEX, will unpack Ocean Protocol’s Trilobite release, explain how you can connect a data marketplace to the network, and demonstrate how data exchange can occur on Ocean Protocol, with a tech demo applied to a healthcare usecase for Parkinson's Disease.

Before taking the entrepreneurial path, Mike was an Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company, where he was recognized as a global thought leader in software development and in the specific domain of healthcare IT. His projects included advising governments on health data governance, transforming software development processes at major banks, and supporting one of the world’s largest telco outsourcing deals.

6.50 pm - Community update

Sheridan Johns will give an update on Ocean’s various community programs and other exciting opportunities to actively contribute to the ongoing development of Ocean Protocol and unlocking data for AI and the new data economy.

Sheridan is Community Manager at BigchainDB and Ocean Protocol Founding Team member. He has extensive experience building vibrant community partnerships around the world. Prior to joining the team, Sheridan launched a ride-sharing mobility marketplace and was one of the founding members of the Berlin School of Creative Leadership, an international business school for creative entrepreneurs. Sheridan attended the Freie Universität Berlin on a Fulbright Scholarship and has an MA in International Economics from Johns Hopkins University.

7.00 pm - Q&A

7.30 pm - Special Collaboration Announcements: featuring Outlier Ventures and DutchChain

Theo Turner, Tech Analyst from Outlier Ventures will announce the work they have been doing on top of Ocean Protocol, developing a proof-of-concept application for seeding the network with processed datasets for training ML. H2O performs basic machine learning on OrbitDB (IPFS) data, publishing the result to Ocean Protocol via Squid-Py. They have used the develop branches (aquarius/brizo etc.), are working with Kovan and also in user login for Azure storage hosting.

Rutger van Zuidam, CEO and Founder of DutchChain, will announce the collaboration of Ocean and DutchChain at the 2019 DutchChain Hackathon - April 11-15, 2019. It will be the third installment of the biggest blockchain hackathon in the world, where 100 teams will work on 20 different challenges for 200.000 euro in cash stimulus. Every challenge has a corporate or governmental launching customer backing it, for incubation of the best solutions and the teams after the hackathon. Ocean supports 3-5 challenges by bringing their experts for you to build your solution on top of their protocol and accelerating your solution after the Hackathon.

8.00 pm - Networking, drinks and food

9.00 pm - End of event

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