Organized by BMA
From Dec 6th 2021
To Dec 20th 2021
Turning data into digital solutions
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Abu Dhabi Digital Authority has compiled an open-source database where you can find everything you’d ever want to know about the city: the number of cars, percentage of rainfall, amount of reptiles in the zoo, and much more! 


The challenge is simple: using this database, create #DigitalSolutions to help improve the city’s infrastructure. Any useful output is accepted; be it a program, an application, a dashboard, or even a document. 

📋 Who should join?

Startups, businesses, data scientists, developers, and smart-city pioneers.


👥 Collaborate with like-minded professionals 

🚀 Create ground-breaking solutions to shape the future of city-life in Abu Dhabi

🏆 Top 3 solutions will win a part of the $30,000 prize pool! 

👉  Sign up here: ADDATHON WEBSITE

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