Oracle Blockchain Cloud - Advanced Training - San Francisco, CA

Organized by AuraBlocks
San Francisco State University, San Francisco
From Nov 16th 2018
To Nov 17th 2018
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Oracle Blockchain Cloud - Advanced Training – San Francisco, CA

San Francisco, CA

November 16/17  $995 (Students $495)

About the Blockchain Training Course & Aurablocks

This Blockchain training course is being taught by Financial Services industry experts who have deep implementation knowledge of Blockchain.  Aurablocks is one of the very few companies in the world who has first-hand knowledge of the newly released Oracle Blockchain product and has built 2 applications of Blockchain that were showcased at Oracle Open World. This Blockchain training course will give you an overview of Blockchain and hands-on knowledge of the Oracle Blockchain product based on Hyper ledger.

AuraBlocks At Oracle Open World - Covering Oracle Blockchain Sessions:

We were the only company at Oracle Open World that demonstrated 2 live solution use cases that were showcased at the Oracle Blockchain launch.

For detailed reporting on our coverage of Oracle Blockchain at Open World, check the links below:

Replay Interviews with Top Oracle Blockchain Executives

Oracle Open World – Day 1

Oracle Open World – Day 2

Oracle Open World – Day 3

Oracle Open World – Day 4

Oracle Open World – Day 5

AuraBlocks Launches Next Generation Lending Platform at Oracle Open World 2017

Aurablocks is the first Oracle partner to launch a next-generation lending platform based on Oracle’s Blockchain Platform. This platform was developed with industry lending SME leader, Biz2Credit.  This game-changing platform and its benefits were demonstrated at Oracle Open World.

Press Release 

Demo of the Platform

AuraBlocks at University of North Carolina Charlotte Blockchain Hackathon

We conducted Blockchain training with our very first batch of University students to participate in Oracle’s First OPEN Banking Hackathon. Watch our Highlights Below: 

Highlights from Our Oracle Blockchain & Open Banking Hackathon at the University of North Carolina with Carolina Fintech HUB

What will you learn in this Blockchain Training Course

What is Blockchain

History of Blockchain

Architecture of Blockchain

How to Build a Blockchain Network

How to Build a Smart Contract

Understanding ICOS

Lab Exercises – Blockchain Solutions

Who should take this Blockchain Training Course

Anyone looking to Upgrade their Career to take advantage of the Blockchain revolution

Business Analysts who want to apply Blockchain

Project Managers who want to manage Blockchain based projects

Architects who want to understand how to deploy blockchain correctly

Developers who are interested in building blockchain smart contracts

Why should you take Blockchain Training Now?

Participate in the 4th Industrial Revolution: Blockchain has been ushered in as one of the revolutionary technologies that can herald the advent of the fourth industrial revolution.

Relevance in Key Industries: Its finding increased applications across industrial sectors the prominent among them being banking and financial service

New Jobs: In 2017 Blockchain Jobs have tripled and the number of jobs continues to increase in 2018 with many production-ready blockchain projects

Blockchain Training Detailed Curriculum


Day 1 – Blockchain Training


      Introduction to Blockchain Technology

      Hyperledger Project

      Introduction to Oracle Blockchain

      Public and Permissioned Blockchains


      Endorsers, orderers, clients, smart contracts

      Transaction Flow Model

      Privacy Model and Channels


      Integration with API

      Connect with existing Application

      Anatomy of config files and crypto material

Building Your Blockchain Network

      Setting up network and consortium

      Setting up Channels

Day 2 – Blockchain Training

Building Smart Contracts

      Identify a Sample Use Case for BlockChain

      Design network, consortium

      Go Programming for Blockchain

      Working with APIs


    Overview of Mining and BitCoin

    Purchasing, Wallets, Storage and Safety

    ICO Concepts, Structures, Alt Currencies

    Financial Strategies to Wealth Creation

Hands-On Blockchain Training Labs

      Build a Use Case in Financial Services

      Testing you use case


      Wrap Up Training

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