Palm Beach Tech Hackathon | Smart Cities + Hurricane Relief

Office Depot HQ, Boca Raton
From Oct 4th 2019
To Oct 6th 2019
See the website


The Palm Beach Tech Hackathon is a 24 hour event where participants form teams, vet ideas, create a project, then present their work to an expert panel of judges.

Teams will consist of engineers, designers, developers and entrepreneurs, with successful teams having a mix of these areas of expertise and winners walking away with a combination of cash and in ­kind prizes!

Our themes this year are Smart Cities and Hurricane Relief, with each project relating in some part to either topic.

Friday @ 5:30 PM: Kickoff Party and Team Forming

Saturday @ 8:00 AM: Hacking Officially Begins

Sunday @ 10:00 AM: Judging Presentations & Awards Ceremony


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