Partner Power Hour: Getting Real Data Into The Blockchain

Organized by Code Fellows
Code Fellows, Seattle
Sep 22nd 2018
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Blockchain is one of the hottest emerging technology in our world today. Boasting a $300 billion value of Cryptocurrency alone, the potential is clearly huge. Smart contracts have come around and multiplied the possibilities for Blockchain technology, but they leave one question unanswered: for any distributed application which wants to leverage real world data, such as which sports team won a game, how do you get trusted information on-chain?

James Gan is a SRND certified Code Evangelist. He graduated from Cornell University in 2018 with 3 minors, which has allowed him to become familiar with both the academic and startup communities working on Blockchain technology. He is an advocate for Blockchain, having recently organized a Tezos meetup, and written a research paper on Blockchain. He is also an accomplished Product Manager and Software Developer, having won prizes from Bloomberg and BlackRock at Hackathons.

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